Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Everything from estate sales, home clean outs, move management, and more.  We offer a one stop shop for seniors downsizing, busy professionals moving, and families dealing with an estate.  We will clean out an attic, garage, or organize a closet.  No project is too small.

What is included in a complete home clean out?

After you and your family have everything you want from your home, we will sell as much as we can, consign or donate the unsold items, and then we clean the house.  Bathrooms will be scrubbed, kitchens will sparkle, and even the garage will be swept out.  I always say, “take what you want, and we will take care of the rest.”  And that includes the trash in the trash cans, food in the freezer, clothes that no longer fit…we will take care of everything.

How do you charge for your services?

Every home is different.  Your closets might be neat and tidy or overflowing with stuff.  I will be happy to come see your home and give you a free quote.

When should I call?

It is never too early to call, even if you don’t know exactly what you want to keep.  We book up during busy periods and want to make sure we have you on our radar so your closing/move doesn’t sneak up on us.  It is not uncommon to have clients call as they put the house on the market, then we wait patiently until there is an offer and contract.  It could be weeks or months, we will be ready when you call.

Do you have to be out of the house before an estate sale?

In most cases, yes.  We often have 100-125 people waiting to enter your home on the opening night of an estate sale.  I do not want these people in your home before the move.  We can certainly mark off a room “do not enter” to keep items that are not for sale, but our presence can be completely disruptive to your daily life.

Will you sell just a few items?

Sure, we can pick up a few items and sell them in our next warehouse sale.  The warehouse allows us sell your items even if you do not have enough for an estate sale.

What if my item does not sell?

Great question.  Any item that seemed like it should have sold but we simply did not get the right person through the door will be taken to a local consignment store.  This will give your piece a new audience and hopefully a new chance to sell.  All other items are donated.  We keep track of your donations and provide a donation receipt for these items.

Do you buy estates?

Absolutely.  If you would rather a quick turnaround on your items, we can purchase estates rather than sell individual items in an estate sale.

Are my items auctioned?

No, in our estate sales your items are marked with a fixed price.  Customers enter the home or warehouse and can immediately pick up and purchase the items.  No need to wait for an item to be presented and auctioned.

Do you do moves?

We do not do moves, but we do “move management.”  If you do not want to worry with the move, we will handle everything.  We will call in movers for quotes and work with them to pack and load your belongings.  If you have a local Williamsburg move, we will be there to help unload, place furniture, and unpack.  We will take away empty boxes, packing paper, and if something doesn’t fit properly, pick it up and try to sell it.  Our goal is to remove the stress from your move.

 Do you have to be deceased to have an estate sale?

No!  While many of our clients are dealing with a deceased parent’s estate, the majority of our clients are downsizing, moving from a single family home into an apartment or villa.