About Our Sales

At your estate sales, do you give out numbers?

Yes, rather than wait in line, get your number then go get a cup of coffee, sit in your car in the warm or cool. Our sales are Thursday nights 5-7pm, Friday 9am – 2pm, and Saturday 9am-noon. Numbers go out on Thursdays at 4pm. Then just before 5pm get in some sort of order, because when the doors open, you will be allowed to enter based on your number. Some houses are smaller than others and therefore we do limit entry based on space. Again, it is your number that will get you in the door. The line is not long on Friday and Saturday. We only use numbers on Thursdays.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  If it pays, yes!

Can I place an item on hold?

Yes, we will hold your item in a hold bin while you are shopping.  If you decide not to purchase the item we will place it back on the floor.

Will an item I have seen in a prior sale be available at the warehouse or another sale?

No, generally items are only available at one sale.  After the sale we send the better things to Williamsburg area consignment stores.  Many items are donated.  Williamsburg area charities benefit and our clients get donation receipts for tax purposes.

Are prices negotiable?

Thursday and Friday we do not negotiate prices.  Saturday mornings, certainly we will entertain your offer.  I would rather donate an item than give it away.  However, as I always say, “The bigger your pile, the better your deal.”  I also say, “I don’t do halfsies.”