Emily & Colleen

Warehouse Magicians

Emily and Colleen regularly conquer something that would make ordinary mortals wither and cringe: our unorganized warehouse! For those of you that have been to our estate sales at the warehouse, you’ve seen the amazing displays and instantly know where to find those treasures for which you’re looking. Well, it doesn’t happen by accident – that’s the work of Emily and Colleen! When we unload the trucks, the boxes pile up to the ceiling. Emily and Colleen unpack, catalog, price, and display each of our client’s precious items. When a sale is over, they start this daunting process all over.


Emily is WES’s longest-tenured employee (sometimes you can see her in our “vintage” logo shirts), but Colleen is not far behind. The next time you’re at a sale, please thank them for being able to find what you want!