Senior Downsizing

Tackling a move can be a challenge for anyone, but throw 20 years of life in a home and downsizing into the mix and it’s seemingly insurmountable. Knowing what to take and what not to take, deciding if you have room for Great Granny’s china, and parting with your favorite comfy chair are just a few of the issues that Williamsburg Estate Services will help solve.  If you’re moving to one of Williamsburg’s premiere retirement communities like Chambrel, Patriot’s Colony, Williamsburg Landing, Windsormeade, or Verena (just to name a few), we are familiar with each of the units in these communities and can help you determine what furniture will work and what won’t.

We will examine the floor plan of your new home and help determine the best fit for your furnishings. Something most people don’t consider is that your “retirement” kitchen is often a lot smaller than the one that you’ve used for the past 20 years. We will help pare down your kitchen, eliminating unnecessary kitchen tools, appliances, and plasticware.  If you need someone to handle the entire move, just leave it to us.  Williamsburg Estate Services offers Move Management as a service to lessen your anxiety  during this transition.

After the move, we will take care of everything you don’t want.  My favorite thing to say is to say, “you take what you want and we will take care of the rest.”  And I mean it.  Leave the food in the refrigerator, trash under the sink, and loose nails in the garage — no worries, we will handle it for you so that you can focus on the future.  We handle more than the average furniture shop or auction house.  We will sell as much as we can, donate the rest, and clean out and clean up your home, leaving it sparkling clean for the new owners.