Things that we do

Williamsburg Estate Services is a full-service estate firm. What does that mean? Well, we handle all aspects of your move or your beloved’s move, including senior downsizing, move management, estate sales, estate buy outs, home staging, and home clean outs, among others. In a nutshell, if you’re looking at a mountain of items and just want to take a few things with you and walk away, we’re the people that can make that happen. We’ll sell what can be sold at estate sales and on eBay, we’ll donate items that are reusable, and we’ll toss the trash. We will then clean the house top to bottom and it will be ready to put on the market.

We’re a local small business with lifelong ties to Williamsburg and a record of charity in our community. The odds are good that we personally know the Realtor you’re working with. We’ve seen the unit you’re considering at the retirement community. We know who runs the local charity you’d like to support. We’ve worked with the mover that you’re considering. If you’re not that far along in the decision process, we’re the ones that can help make it all happen with the best that Williamsburg has to offer. Call us and let go of your worries:

we’ll handle it, whatever it is.